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Among Aptos

The story began..

..when, with a group of friends, we started playing too much with the cloning machine and plenty of mixed clones were shot out.
Unwillingly, we had created so many mixed-up copies of ourselves.
The clone collection consists of 4321 Clones algorithmically generated by the cloning machine.

Even though there were so many it's good to have new friends!



Our Clones,
Among Aptos!


new Friends

Opera_senza_titolo 1_edited.png


Lovely Traits

But not so far away...

...a group of asshole aliens saw us creating all those clones and, full of envy and anger, overnight they stole our cloning machine.

<We'll come back..and we will smash you and your stupid clones down! > - they left a note.


What can you do?

Now there are no alternatives.

Their decision seems final.

We must defend ourselves and prepare for the fight.

And you must HELP US!

Take command of the clones together with us.

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